The Grout Man

The Challenge

The Grout Man came to Brite Connectivity as a completely new business.  Founded by a highly skilled and experienced carpenter, Grout Man founder Jack decided it was time to work for himself and put his skills to work helping home and business owners.  He founded the company and one of his first steps was to ensure a web presence that would impress potential clients.  He asked for a clean website that was professional, easy to navigate, top of the list SEO and assistance with web based advertising.

The Brite Solution

First, we developed his logo and corporate identity.  Utilizing our graphic designers, we listened to what he was looking for and delivered him 6 different rough drafts to choose from.  When a favorite was chosen, we finalized the design and created an entire online presence around his brand new logo.  Then, utilizing a solid open source framework, we created a clean interface that blended images of his work, his logo and his copy into a professional design.  We coded in very granular SEO controls on each page to be able to tweak them over time to get him the best results.  Finally we added a “request a quote” feature on his home page to engage with potential customers.  When the site was finished, Jack contracted Brite with his SEO maintenance and with his web advertising as well.

The Results

By localizing his search results, and utilizing web advertising, we were able to get The Grout Man to the top of the search engines within 60 days.  Brite also ran The Grout Man’s first and initial web advertising budget and he still gets results on a daily basis.  The Grout Man has taken off in a very short time to which he attributes part of his initial success to Brite Connectivity.  Jack states, “I hear all the time that my customers chose me because my site looks the best and most professional.  I send all my friends and business associates to Brite for whatever they need!”