Community Service: The Brite Connectivity Way

Brite Community Service

We at Brite Connectivity take pride in our community and want to give back in any way we can. As a technology company, community service does not necessarily fall into our lap every day nor in traditional ways.  However, we have found two separate causes that needed help setting a presence online, reaching more people within the community and beyond, and that is what we do best!  We brought all the talents of our team to bear for each of these causes to help them to spread the word about their message and what they are trying to do.

Friends of Gregg-croppedFriends Of Gregg

Gregg Bittner is a beloved member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Home Builders.  He has been active in building and remodeling homes for over 20 years.  His diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis has not only sidelined his business and ability to work, but his home was never intended to be handicap accessible.  The HBA, or the Home Builders Association of Bucks/Montgomery Counties has taken Gregg on as their beneficiary, and is planning on building him a brand new accessible home, just like the homes he has built for countless families in Eastern PA.

They came to Brite looking for a website that could allow them to get the word out, engage with social media as well as track and thank sponsors.  As a non-profit, we provided them with a solution to every request and delivered a site that allows them to meet all of their goals.  Don’t take our word for it, you can check out their site here!

NJVHVLogoNew Jersey Veterans Helping Veterans (NJVHV)

We strongly believe that all of our veterans should have the support and assistance they need, no matter what.  Brite recently sat down with Don O’Connell, Executive Director of NJ Veterans Helping Veterans.  His organization’s charter is simple.  “Hold events to thank veterans, and provide whatever assistance we can through our relationships with other organizations!”.  While he struggled to get the program off the ground, he reached out to Brite to help him spread the word about an event he was hoping to throw that would be the coming out event for his organization.  The event, to be held in Toms River, will unite veterans of all ages and experience and help to create a repository of veterans who need help and veterans who can provide help.

We feel so strongly about this project, that one of our founders, Bruce Campbell has pledged to fund half the proceeds needed to get the organization going, and has taken a seat on the board of NJVHV.  In addition, we are currently in development of their site that will create and maintain the repository of information to assist as many veterans as we can.  Follow our progress here!