Brite Case Study: The Grout Man Web Services

The Challenge and Case Study Details

The Grout Man came to Brite Connectivity as a completely new business with no corporate identity, logo, or website.  Founded by a highly skilled and experienced carpenter, Grout Man founder Jack decided it was time to work for himself and put his skills to work as a small business owner.  He founded the company in late 2012 and one of his first steps was to ensure a web presence that would impress potential clients.  He asked for a new logo, a clean website that was professional, easy to navigate, top of the every search list through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and assistance with web based advertising.

A brand new company poses many challenges to gaining attention online.  Although Jack had the experience and capabilities to be successful in his offerings, a new business with no online presence is very hard to get noticed.  Online reputation scores with all the major search engines need to be informed of the new business website, and take time to build a local indexing of its ability to be trusted amongst their customers.

The Brite Solution


Logo Development

Since The Grout Man was a completely new business, we first had to develop a brand identity for them, starting with their logo.  Working off of their suggestions, we created 3 different rough cuts of a super hero to represent their brand.  After just a few minutes, Jack chose what is now their corporate logo.  We created a full brand marketing identity around our new favorite super hero including invoices, letter head and business cards.  Then, we created an entire online presence around the coloring and Font choices.  This unity of the entire company image is integral to making sure potential customers see and recognize your company.

Web Design

With the logo, coloring and font in place, we set about to create an easy to use, easy to navigate site that was clean and uncluttered.  When dealing with a service provider that caters to consumers from all different backgrounds, a site must be attractive, simple and easy to use or you risk losing potential customers before the site can draw them in.  White background, subtle grays and bold reds were chosen as the color palette.

Next was choosing a platform to run the site within.  At Brite, we pride ourselves on having experience with all of the major web publishing platforms.  Our largest body of work, including The Grout Man, runs on the WordPress Open Source Framework.  This provides us with flexibility that we can built upon using standards based web programming.  We then registered their domain, setup their domain security plan, set up their hosting account and began the site development process.

Utilizing the WordPress framework, we created a custom front end interface that blended images of his work, his logo and his copy into a professional, clean design.  We created a quote request function, News feed widget, custom graphics and much more.  In addition, we coded in very granular SEO controls on each page to be able to tweak them over time to get him the best results.  From his start as a brand new company, The Grout man was able to reach to top of almost all his search terms within 90 days.

Search Engine Optimization

With the site in its initial building phase, we work on the SEO of each page and each post as they are being built.  We utilize our vast experience in optimizing our SEO inputs to match the different rules each of the search engines apply to their reputation scores which dictate which position each website is given when matching a users search term.  Once the initial SEO is completed, and each page and post passes our stringent testing, we publish it and make it public for the search engines to begin their indexing.  When complete, each search engine knows the business that Jack is in, where he services his clients, and how high to put his website on the search results.


When the website was completed, The Grout Man then signed a Brite Comprehensive Maintenance Contract.  The contract provides unlimited change requests for the entire term of the contract, daily backups of the complete website and backend database stored both onsite in Brite’s datacenter and backed up to the cloud for full redundancy.

The Results

By localizing his search results, and utilizing web advertising, we were able to get The Grout Man to the top of the search engines within 90 days.  Using the website as his main marketing tool, in conjunction with traditional marketing, Jack was able to realize growth in revenue as a start up from $0, to a run rate of more than $10,000 per month with work being schedule often 2-3 weeks in advance.

The Grout Man continuously receives compliments on his website and has referred both customers and partners to do do business with us.  His company has taken off in a very short time, to which he attributes part of his initial success to Brite Connectivity. Jack states, “I hear all the time that my customers chose me because my site looks the best and most professional.  I send all my friends and business associates to Brite for whatever they need!”

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Grout Man

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