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Windows Server 2003 End of Life Approaching Fast

While the date of July 14, 2015 may seem like it is a ways out, in terms of IT projects lifecycles, it is right around the corner.  More than a year ago, Microsoft announced that it would finally be sending Windows Server 2003 into the sunset.  The End of Life of one of the most…

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Heartbleed Security Update

So first a little background.  OpenSSL is an OpenSource project that allows server administrators and website developers to implement the SSL/TLS security protocol.  SSL is designed to secure all the data that is transmitted between you the user and the backend services and databases of all web applications.  Without SSL/TLS, Online Banking, E-Commerce, Web Mail,…

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Community Service: The Brite Connectivity Way

Brite Community Service We at Brite Connectivity take pride in our community and want to give back in any way we can. As a technology company, community service does not necessarily fall into our lap every day nor in traditional ways.  However, we have found two separate causes that needed help setting a presence online,…

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Windows XP End OF Life

Windows XP is still one of the most deployed and used Operating Systems in Microsoft’s history. So popular, that even with 3 replacement OS versions shipped (well maybe 2 since Vista can’t really be counted) XP still runs on almost 30% of desktop and laptop computers with Windows installed.  Many enterprises standardized on XP, wrote…

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